• Date: January 02, 2022

Covid 19 pandemic hit the world very badly. Likewise other industries of the world, Nepalese Carpet Industry as well couldn't remain far from the pandemic. A year continuous lockdown and other recurring lockdowns affected the industry very worst. Entrepreneurs were out of order and workers were jobless. In one hand the group which needs the continuous job to run the family was jobless and on the other the threat of COVID was extreme. Lots of workers were out of the stock of the food.

Nepal Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Association, overseeing, supervising and taking care of the carpet workers published a notice for the aid to the workers. After the publication of the notice, many entrepreneurs came to the ground with the helping hands. Many workers were helped. Entrepreneurs distributed food stuff and sanitary items in every industry.

NCMEA also established emergency fund. Nepalese Carpet Entrepreneurs contributed remarkably for the fund. The objective of the fund was to help Nepalese Carpet Workers for medical services i.e.; Isolation, ambulance, oxygen, medication, vaccine etc. The purpose of NCMEA was fulfilled. NCMEA became successful to help many workers for the medication and other services which came under the objective of NCMEA.