NCMEA was established in 2018 AD. Nepal carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Association (NCMEA) is an umbrella organization for the entire Nepalese rug industry.  From the very beginning, it has been striving for the betterment of the Nepalese rug industry. It is also a member of FEEN (Federation of Export Entrepreneurs Nepal). FNCCI, (Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and NCC, (Nepal Chamber of Commerce).

Prior to the establishment of NCMEA, there were two associations, namely, CCIAN, (Central Carpet Industry Association Nepal, 1990) and NCEA, (Nepal Carpet Exporters Association, 2002). The formation of NCMEA resulted in the amalgamation of these two organizations, which benefitted the Nepalese rug business. Besides, NCMEA has been executing various tasks for the protection, promotion, development and expansion of the industry. Some tasks the association regularly executes are,

  • Lobbying with the Nepal government in all the matters and issues related with carpet industry.
  • Coordinate with the third parties who work directly and indirectly for the Nepalese carpet industry.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with the similar international organizations working for the hand knotted carpets.
  • Generating skilled manpower for the sustainability of Nepalese Hand knotted carpet industry.
  • Developing new mechanisms for overall betterment and welfare of the Nepalese Hand Knotted Carpet industry and its workers.
  • Researches and Developmental tasks are being run to explore and identify various new natural raw materials for the introduction of new products in Nepalese hand knotted carpets.
  • Development process like SEZ (Safe Economic Zone) and research in production cost reduction are in the process
  • Mechanism development for Nepalese carpet industry workers betterment and upliftment.

NCMEA is continuously in dialogue with the concerned departments of governmental bodies to provide better facilities to the weavers and other workers in the carpet industries. Facilities like health, accommodation, education and remuneration are given the top priority. Apart from that, it has been actively participating in policy making to facilitate the carpet fraternity and the workers. Besides, NCMEA has been discussing with the authorities on SEZ and building relationship with embassies to promote Nepalese rug globally through different media available.

NCMEA is also working on the collective tradermark, cash incentive, listing carpet exports as a priority sector and reducing interest rates on various orther issues for the benefit of the entire carpet industry. Implementation of these will surely bring positive changes soon and uplift the Nepalese carpet industry.