A collective trademark owned by an organization ensures a level of quality, accuracy, geographical origin or other characteristics set by the organization. On December 02, 2021, NCMEA received a certificate of collective trademark named " HIMALAYAN NEPALESE CARPET".

Why a collective trademark product?

A collective trademark is a guarantee of a product. The member who wishes to get the collective trademark has to follow the code of conduct that has been prepared by the experts after series of studies . This collective trademark assures fair trade and quality products prepared by adult artisans while respecting fair working and living conditions.

This will also be an identification of the original Nepalese hand-knotted carpet for consumers worldwide. The collective trademark of Nepalese Hand-Knotted carpet is in the registration process in the USA, EU and UK. The promotion of the collective trademark will be a game changer in the Nepalese Carpet and Rug Industry.