• Date: January 01, 2022

Collective Trademark                                                                 

A Collective Trademark is a trademark owned by an organization, used by its members to identify themselves with a level of quality, accuracy, geographical origin or other characteristics set by the organization.

Nepal Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Association (NCMEA) has recently received a certificate of collective trade mark named "Himalayan Nepalese Carpet." Prior to NCMEA, there existed two associations Nepal Carpet Exporters Association (NCEA) and Central Carpet Industries Association Nepal (CCIAN). Both of the associations were working for the development of Nepalese Carpet Industry. Both of their agendas were common. Later the associations realized the weakness of division and came to the unification. They unified two of the associations and registered a new one as NCMEA, Nepal Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association. Since the existence of two carpet associations, both of them were in the process to register the carpet collective trademark. The carpet collective trademark application was first time registered in 2014 June 3rd in the Department of Industry. Ultimately after the effort of seven years six months NCMEA became successful to receive the certificate of carpet collective trademark on Dec 02, 2021.

Why collective trademark product?

Collective trademark is a guarantee of a product. The members who wish to obtain the collective trademark have to remain under the code of conduct which has been prepared after the series of studies by the experts. The experts have seriously taken care of fair trade, quality product, child rights, labor rights and many more agendas which make the collective trademark pure and credible.

The prepared code of conduct inspires producers/manufacturers to manufacture quality goods which contain no points to point out as drawbacks. The collective trademark shall be the assurance of quality product in legitimate way. This will also be the identification of original Nepalese Hand Knotted Carpet for the consumers, especially from the Land of Himalayas, Nepal.

The international market and the international consumers have been deceived by presenting the replicated product in the name of Nepalese Hand Knotted Carpet. Collective Trademark of Nepalese Hand Knotted Carpet will be presented as a tool to stop such replication and deception.

Collective Trademark of Nepalese Hand Knotted Carpet is in the registration process in EU, USA and UK. Soon the collective trademark labeled carpets will be made available to the consumers.

We are very pleased in the success to stop the replication and deception that has been taking place since a long time. Nepal Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters' Association believes that after the labeling of collective trademark label, consumers who love Nepalese Hand Knotted carpets will now get the original product of Nepal, the Land of Himalayas.